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Issues in Focus
  • Climate Change
    Energy & Environment

    The United States is taking a leading role in addressing climate change by advancing an ever-expanding suite of measures. We have initiated a number of polices and partnerships that that will help us better understand and address the possible impacts of climate change. Our efforts emphasize the importance of results-driven action both internationally and domestically. Learn more here 

  • Afghan Street Girl

    The United States and its international partners remain committed to helping Afghans realize their vision for a country that is stable, democratic, and economically successful, and to an Afghan Government committed to the protection of women's rights, human rights, and religious tolerance. Learn more about how we are working with our partners.  

  • NATO Logo

    The 2012 NATO Summit will be held on May 20-21 in Chicago, Illinois. America’s relationship with our NATO Allies is a cornerstone of our engagement with the world, and enhances both our security and the democratic values that we share. The Chicago Summit will advance goals that the U.S. shares with NATO: achieving our objectives in Afghanistan, reforming NATO & strengthening partnerships.  

  • U.S. Presidential Elections 2012
    U.S. Presidential Elections

    Welcome to the United States Embassy’s Information Hub for the U.S. Elections! This page provides useful information –from basic to detailed – on the ins and outs of the electoral process in the United States. Enter here 

  • Diversity logo
    Integration and Diversity

    Integration of immigrants to the United States is a vibrant, dynamic process that involves not just immigrants but receiving communities, public institutions and private organizations. Today’s immigrants face the same challenges as earlier newcomers in adapting to U.S. society and culture. America’s rich cultural diversity continues to be one of its greatest strengths.  

  • "We Can Do It!" is a wartime propaganda poster.
    Women's Issues

    All around the world, women are blazing new trails and triumphing over long-entrenched obstacles, resulting in major advancements to the development agenda and global progress. Integrating women into their communities, their governments, and their economies is the best way to address many of today’s global challenges.  

  • Human Rights
    Democracy and Human Rights

    Promoting freedom and democracy and protecting human rights around the world are central to U.S. foreign policy. The U.S. uses a wide range of tools to advance a freedom agenda, including bilateral diplomacy, multilateral engagement, foreign assistance, reporting and public outreach, and economic sanctions. 

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