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Energy & Environment - Science & Technology
  • Secretary Kerry
    Secretary Kerry remarks at the Atlantic Council as Part of the Road to Paris Climate Series

    March 12, 2015 - "At the top of the list of energy challenges is climate change..."  

  • Ambassador Timothy M. Broas
    Ambassador Timothy M. Broas

    September 22, 2014 - U.S.-Netherlands Partnership Addresses Water and Climate Issues 

  • President Obama
    Presidential Obama on Energy, Climate Change, and our Environment

    The President has taken unprecedented action to build the foundation for a clean energy economy, tackle the issue of climate change, and protect our environment. 

  • Girlsday
    Girlsday - April 23, 2015

    A day for young girls in the Netherlands to awaken their interest in science and technology. More than 260 technical companies open their doors to approximately 7,000 girls ages 10-15 years. 

  • EJournal USA: Go Wild! Coming Together for Conservation

    Plants, animals, people and the environment together constitute a biological community — an ecosystem — in which each part depends on the other for survival. When one part of the community is thrown off-balance or eliminated, the entire system suffers.  

  • EJournal USA: Roots of Innovation
    EJournal USA: Roots of Innovation

    Economic expansion depends more and more on innovation — not simply producing more goods and services, but producing ever newer goods and services. This issue of eJournal USA seeks to show that innovation needs the right conditions to emerge. 

  • EJournal USA: Climate action goes local
    EJournal USA: Climate action goes local

    "Climate Action Goes Local” shows how communities and nongovernmental groups worldwide are initiating programs that counter climate change, and why leadership from local officials and buy-in from local populations and businesses are necessary for such programs to be effective. 

  • EJournal USA: Going Green
    EJournal USA: Growing Up Green

    This issue of eJournal USA explores how young people are leading the way to a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future. From launching their own environmental organizations to developing alternative energy resources, today’s youth have what it takes to make the world a better place.  

  • Woman Wearing adjustable lenses. courtesy:
    Photo Gallery: Technology Solutions for a Better World

    A selection of the technologies that are improving lives around the world or have the potential to do so in the near future.

  • H2infO provides a single entry point for access to quality U.S.-based water-related resources

Globe Schools Nederland

  • Globe Schools Nederland GLOBE is een onderwijsprogramma rond wetenschap en milieu. Leerlingen op 23.000 scholen in meer dan 100 landen verzamelen in samenwerking met wetenschappers gegevens over het mondiale milieu.

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